Well, your friends here at Nowhere Special have our debunking helmets securely fastened, ready to shine our lights into every corner of the Great Hostel Myths.


What we know for sure is:

Nowhere Special is located on prime RED Mountain Resort real estate, literally two minutes from the chairlift—and what’s bunk about that?! It's architect-designed and modern AF and pretty much brand new...the wireless even works in the john.

So read on...

...and see if Nowhere Special doesn’t challenge every single assumption you’ve ever had about hostels. Stay in style. Save money. Sleep in and still nab first chair and maybe even make a new friend or three. What are you waiting for?

Bottom Line:

We’ve successfully debunked so many myths into oblivion, it’s hard to keep track! So we picked our favourites below, just for you.

Myth #5:

Hostels are on the wrong side of the tracks

Nowhere Special is as ski-in/ski-out as it gets. The chairlift is literally a 2-minute walk out the front door to one of the best mountains in the world - RED Mountain Resort. One of the Top 10 Largest Resorts in North America and ranked #1 for Most Acres Per Skier with the raddest ski town to boot - just a 5-minute drive away!

Where else can you stay this close to the goods at a price like this? Answer: Nowhere – now that’s special.

Myth #10:

Hostels Have Zero Privacy

At Nowhere Special we have a number of private rooms you can choose to suit your style and budget. Hang out in the common areas when you’re feeling friendly. Retreat to your cozy room when you’re over it. (Same as your house!) There are few things better than having so many options right at your fingertips.

Myth #11:

Hostels Are Too Basic

You’re not sure how to spell “concierge” and the last time you used valet parking was when it was accidental. Your needs are simple: A clean bed. Wireless. A quick walk to the lifts. Maybe an epic fire pit and BBQ and restaurant-grade kitchen? Basic just got its upgrade. 

Myth #21:

Hostels Are All The Same

Nowhere Special is a curated space that was architect-designed and carefully built. You’ll feel at home here – if your idea of home includes cleanliness, safety, warmth and a clutter-free environment. 

Myth #25:

Ski Hostels Are All in the Boonies

Nowhere Special is located right at the base of RED on some of the primest prime real estate in the Kootenays. Why did we build a hostel here instead of a mink stole shoppe or luxury home goods store? Because this is RED Mountain. And this is how we roll.

Myth #33:

Hostels Are For Cheapskates

At Nowhere Special, you’re as likely to rub elbows with an architect or doctor as a ski bum whose last address involved the words “van” and “parking lot”. People choose to stay here because we’re shiny and new and stylish. (Maybe they’d rather spend their money on fun or food rather than a bed they only see to sleep in.) Give our social channels a follow to see what all the fun is about. Hint: There's a lot of fun.

Myth #34:

Hostels Make You Suffer To Save

Nowhere Special Hostel is just like a swanky, architect-designed hotel at the base of a world class ski resort…except there’s an S in it. (The S is for SAVE.). For real though, this brand new gorgeously designed building gives you walking access to RED Mountain for as little as $40 CAD a night! We think it’s safe to say you literally cannot find that anywhere else. You may as well joke to your friends it’s a hotel. Few would know the difference!

Myth #39:

Hostels Share Everything

Sharing sucks. We get it. But at Nowhere Special you only share what you want to. Shared stainless steel kitchen. Private rooms. Shared BBQ. Private late-night sandwich. Get it?

Myth #42:

Hostels R 4 Hellraisers

Nowhere Special is a new, modern, architect-designed place to hang your toque at the base of RED Mountain for an easy walk to your unforgettable morning shred sesh. Private rooms. Shared restaurant-grade kitchen. Private bathrooms. Shared wireless.

Myth #45:

Shared Bathrooms = Shared Misery

At Nowhere Special, we understand your need for Special Moments. That’s why even our shared bathrooms have privacy programmed into their DNA: Dual sinks; separate showers; separate toilets. Misery not included.

Myth #46:

Hostels Aren 't Safe

Nowhere Special ain’t your “youth hostel” of yore, okay? And Rossland’s not exactly some big city rat’s nest teeming with sketchballs, zombies or thieves. We have free lockers available for your spendy snowboard and suitcase full of gold bars and all rooms are key-card access only. Chill. Your s - - t’s safe here.

Myth #50:

Hostels Trade Convenience For Cost

Nowhere Special puts you right at the base of the chairlift at a price that’s unmatched at a premier ski resort. How do we do it? We have no idea--this thing’s brand new--but why not get in while the getting’s good?


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