Even Gordon Ramsay couldn’t cuss cooking in our community kitchen. With two ranges, storage for personal use, a big ol’ commercial fridge (no freezer) and matching silverware/dishes, you can rock your new friends’ world with your “secret” pad thai recipe (that’s actually off the back of the noodle box).

Welcome Area

Get here, then get comfortable. Check-in with our on-site Manager, ditch your cumbersome gear in secure storage, and kick back with a coffee in our community lounge area. You did it. You’re at RED!

Dining (NO WHINING!)

There’s nothing worse than throwing down in the kitchen only to eat your gourmet grub with it balanced on your lap. Don’t sweat it. We have a dedicated dining area where fellow travelers can salivate over your chicken tikka masala while they stare sadly into their pot noodles. “Smells good, man…”

Meeting Room

From invigorating yoga sessions before a big pow day to PowerPoint sessions sure to blow your boss’s freaking mind, our meeting room is nothing if not flexible. By reservation only.

The Grate Outdoors

Did you know that Canadians grill their food outdoors all winter long? It’s true—‘cause food cooked over flames is fired up with flavour. Our killer outdoor zone has two gas grills, outdoor seating, and a fire pit. Beats microwave popcorn for dinner, no?

On-site Manager

Despite the added expense, our research showed that hostels with on-site managers had way higher ratings on TripAdvisor than ones without. So, our full-time manager means problems are solved before they start and it’s yet another legit job created by our infrastructure improvements here in paradise. Win-win.

Room To Breathe

Nowhere Special’s room roster boasts several different floor plans, including wheelchair accessible.

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